Made by the technique called Methode Rurale, also known as Methode Ancestrale or Petillant Naturel. It’s the oldest, simplest, and purest way  to make a sparkling wine.

Mike Bennie Winefront

I think it is called ‘Friends of Punch’ still, but the label is stamped firmly with RURALE and that ubiquitous love heart. It’s a simple package, much like the apparent simplicity of the wine – sourced from Rising Vineyard, not far from Punch, chardonnay and savagnin are sent to bottle while still fermenting to create the natural fizziness found within each glass. I so often prefer drinking petillant naturel/metodo ancestrale/methode ancestral, where the wine is left to do its thing, create fizz off its own energy, gives you a distillation of a year and drinks without the excess manipulation of blending, house styles, production from ‘green wine’ and marketing budgets that make up Champagne.

This bottle was tasted then poured in glasses at a lunch. The bottle went. It’s lip-smacking satisfying in aroma, slightly rustic savoury-edge and vitality of fruit flavour. It’s like a really perky farmhouse cider but with zingier acidity and a more complex, fresher-feeling flavour profile. It’s lemon curd and ripe apples to sniff on, full bodied white wine feel in the palate. It perks up with big, round bubbles, and finishes with a click of apple-skin tang. So good.  Rating 93 Points

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